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Look Inside a Rattlesnake's Rattle

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PBS channel & station KQED in California recently published a short video in their #DeepLook series and an accompanying news article about how rattlesnake rattles work, quoting UL Lafayette biology faculty member Dr. Brad Moon.

A rattlesnake's rattle isn't like a maraca, with little bits shaking around inside. So how exactly does it make that sound?

If you've ever wanted to get up close to a rattlesnake, now's your chance. Our latest #DeepLook episode is all about how rattlesnakes make that famous buzzing noise.

A  rattlesnake would really rather NOT bite you - that's why they  warn you with that famous sound. But how does their  rattle work, anyways? Watch our latest #DeepLook to learn.

With their built in percussion, you'd assume that rattlesnakes love being the life of the party - but they'd really rather not be the center of attention at all. Our latest #DeepLook is about the unexpected way rattlesnakes make their trademark sound.

You recognize them by their distinct buzz, but rattlesnakes would much rather stay in silent mode. Our latest #DeepLook gets the backstory on the rattlesnake's signature sound.

You might find a rattlesnake's rattle threatening, but it's really just telling you to leave it alone, please. But how do they make their signature sound? Our latest #DeepLook episode is all about how that rattle works.