Undergraduate Research Opportunities

The list below provides descriptions and links to specific opportunities for undergraduates interested in becoming involved in research activities both here at UL Lafayette and around the world. Note that in addition to the specific activities listed here there many ongoing opportunities to work with our biology faculty. Many faculty accept undergraduate interns, scholarship students and students interested in taking BIOL 410 Individual Projects class. Undergraduate students interested in these ongoing opportunities are encouraged to contact our faculty directly.

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The Coastal Plant Ecology Lab Needs You!

Application Due Date: 
Thursday, August 31, 2017




We do research in salt marsh, mangrove, and fresh/brackish marshes in Louisiana and are looking for volunteers to adventure in the coastal wetlands with us (often near Port Fourchon/Grand Isle) and to help process soil and plant samples.

We are broadly interested in coastal wetland ecology, so there are opportunities for individual projects on a wide variety of organisms and questions (we are open to mentoring undergraduate research and have data that can get you started).


To assist in finishing a specific project focused on belowground production, we have limited funding available to actually pay you until the project is completed!

Contact Scott/Erik/Meagan for more information:
Office: BLD 214 – Lab Phone: 337-482-5235
Email: sfj4723@louisiana.edu