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We are actively engaged in research and education as part of one of the largest biology programs located on the Gulf Coast. Our students are involved in research at all levels.  We conduct laboratory research in diverse areas of biology ranging from biomedical to environmental and evolutionary biology, and many of us do field research throughout the Americas, including the Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean, Panama, North Atlantic, and Amazon Basin.  We also work in close collaboration with state and federal partners to expand research and training opportunities for our students. For example, the LUMCON marine laboratory in Cocodrie, Louisiana, provides laboratory facilities, small boats, and large marine vessels in support of research along our coast. The USGS National Wetlands Research Center and the NOAA Estuarine Habitats and Coastal Fisheries Center in the UL Lafayette Research Park provide additional research opportunities. This is a great area to be a biologist because of our diverse opportunities for lab and field research.

The master’s thesis option prepares students for subsequent doctoral study and for careers that involve research and research-related skills.  The doctoral program emphasizes research and prepares students for the highest levels of scholarship and career opportunities in academia and research-related agencies and industries.

Our students get experience designing, conducting, and analyzing research, giving scientific presentations, writing manuscripts for publication, and often teaching in the classroom as well as mentoring undergraduates one-on-one.  Students also have several options for gaining experience writing grant proposals.