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Master of Science in Biology

Our biology master’s degree is designed for students with a love of biology and a desire to learn more about the research and practical knowledge required for academic, research-intensive, or applied careers in biology.

As a student in our biology master’s program, you’ll be able to work closely with our faculty to conduct research in areas ranging from biomedical to environmental and evolutionary biology, working in the field, in the lab, or both. With our close proximity to the Gulf of Mexico and the swamps of Louisiana, along with the multiple research centers located right here on UL Lafayette’s campus, earning your master’s in biology at UL Lafayette gives you access to a range of diverse opportunities and expertise.

Apply to the Biology Master's Program

To apply to the master’s in biology program, you’ll need to fill out the online application, submit additional materials, and contact a faculty member who you would like to have as your advisor.

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Master's in Biology Curriculum

Because our biology master’s program students have a range of interests and aspirations, we work with each graduate student individually to develop a curriculum personalized for your needs and passions.

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The first step in personalizing your master’s in biology curriculum is to choose either the thesis track or non-thesis track.

Thesis Track

The research-based thesis option is for students who want to pursue a doctoral degree after earning a master’s in biology. It’s also the ideal track if you want to have a career in biological research.

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Non-Thesis Track

The non-thesis track for our biology master’s degree is best if you want a career in a biological or biomedical field that doesn’t involve extensive research, or if you’d like to continue your education at a professional school.

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Career Opportunities for Master's in Biology Graduates

Graduates who earned their biology master’s degree are highly successful in their fields, working as professors, veterinarians, instructors, teachers, and researchers. Most of our graduates are pursuing doctoral degrees at prestigious universities across the country, and many have gone on to medical, dental, and other professional schools to prepare further for applied careers in these fields.
Others are working at federal and state agencies. For more information, please see our report on the careers of our master's graduates.