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Current Course Offerings

Fall 2019 offerings

The list below describes variable content courses or new courses. For a complete listing and description of all Biology graduate courses, see Graduate Courses or the online catalog. For the complete Schedule of Classes for next semester, see the Registrar.

Variable content or new courses

  • 551-552. GRADUATE SEMINAR I, II.  (1, 0, 1 ea.).  Variable topic seminar designed to provide experience in proper presentation of  scientific papers and in scientific criticism. Topics emphasize current biological problems.
    •     Section 001: Foundations of Infectious Disease Biology. Duke-Sylvester, Scott. Time: TBD Course Flyer
    •     Section 002: TBA Time: TBD Course Flyer
    • Section 001. Cancer Biology. (3, 0, 3). Instructor: Kulkarni, Ritwij. Time: TBA
    • Section 002. Medical Physiology. (3, 0, 3). Instructor: Granger, Daniel. Time: TR 12:30 PM - 01:45 PM VLW 401 {Cancelled for Fall 2019; will be offered Spring 2020}
    • Section 003. Intro to R for Biologists. (3, 0, 3). Instructor: Robinson, Kelly. Time: MW 2:30 - 3:45 PM BLD 219 Course Flyer
    • Section TBD. Community Ecology. (3, 0, 3). Instructor: Genung, Mark. Time: TBD Course Flyer

Other courses of interest

  • GEOL 515. Stable Isotope Biogeochemistry.  (3, 0, 3 ea.).  Provides an introduction to Natural-Abundance Stable Isotope Mass Spectrometry. Emphasis will be on the light stable isotopes within organic substrates, but topics will be tailored to the research interests of the students enrolled in the class.
    •     Section 001: Brian Schubert, Time: TR 8:00-0915 a.m Course Flyer