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Organizations & Associations

Graduate Student Symposium

Each year, graduate students in the Department of Biology organize a Graduate Student Symposium to showcase their research and to provide experience presenting in conference format in a low-stress environment. The Symposium promotes communication among students, faculty, the UL community and the community at large. In addition to student presentations, a keynote speaker is invited to campus to share their research with the graduate students, which fosters collaboration and the exchange of ideas between institutions. Details are announced at the departmental colloquium and by e-mail at various times throughout the year. 

Graduate Student Organization

The Graduate Student Organization is a political organization empowered by its constitution to assist the approximately 1,600 graduate students at UL Lafayette in achieving academic excellence. Biology program graduate students have held elected positions within the GSO. The GSO also provides funding to graduate students to help defray the cost of attending conferences and purchasing research equipment and supplies, and provides one-time grants for purchasing thesis or dissertation supplies.