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Veterinary Bioscience Concentration

Students interested in animal science and veterinary medicine would be well served in our Veterinary Bioscience (code: VETB). Graduates are well suited for carriers in veterinary clinics, animal care and husbandry, federal and state government laboratories and agencies, forensic laboratories, and zoological parks. Students in this concentration would be prepared for veterinary professional school (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine) or graduate school (M.S. or Ph.D.).   This concentration is also sufficiently similar to the Medical and Allied Health Concentration, that a student could, with careful choice of recommended electives in both concentrations, graduate prepared for careers in both veterinary and human medicine.

Students have the opportunity to conduct research with both wildlife and laboratory animals pursuing questions in disease ecology, pathology, neurobiology, physiology, morphology, and other areas.  Those interested in veterinary medicine are strongly encouraged to be active members in the University's Pre-vet society.