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A Bachelor of Science degree in Biology (CIP code 260101) can open the door to career opportunities in life sciences, biotechnology and medical professions. Some students use the degree as a stepping stone toward a graduate program leading to a Master’s or Ph.D. degree. Still others use the degree to qualify for acceptance into a professional school, such as dentistry, physical therapy and optometry. Our major prepares you well for success in a world with growing concerns over environmental and health issues.

The structure of the degree requirements provides opportunities for students to customize to their interests by selecting among course electives from the zoological or plant sciences, ecology, microbiology, genetics, evolutionary and molecular biology, and biomedical sciences. Many of our faculty are engaged in basic and applied research and undergraduate students have many opportunities to obtain credit working in a lab with a biology faculty member.

Full details on course requirements and a 4-year degree plan are available from the links at left, or from the online Academic Catalog.