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Students with an interest in a major in Biology are required to complete coursework to satisfy the University Core Curriculum and one of the Biology degrees described on these pages. Our curricula have sufficient latitude that a student can select among course electives from the zoological sciences, plant sciences, ecology, microbiology, genetics, evolutionary biology, behavioral ecology, and molecular biology. These electives will be selected in consultation with the students' undergraduate advisor. Details for each of our majors and transfer programs are available from the links at left.

Degree Plans

The degree plans shown on these pages are those from the current Catalog. These requirements and curricula may differ from those in place when you began your degree. Students have the option of changing to the newest Catalog unless they are within 1 year of graduation, i.e. no changes can be made in the Senior year. Students should consult their advisor before making the decision to change Catalogs. Requests for change of Catalog can be made at the office of the Ray P. Authement College of Sciences. Note that the maximum period for which the requirements and curriculum of a given Catalog are valid is six years. A student who started in a degree program more than six years before completing degree requirements must follow the provisions of the current Catalog.