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Free Electives

For free electives credits students may enroll in any UL course at any level; however, keep in mind that a minimum of 45 hours of 300- and 400-level courses must be taken to meet graduation requirements. Non-majors biology courses and up to 2 hours of Honors Seminar may be used for these free elective credits (but Honors Seminar will not count toward the upper-level credit requirement). Note that no more than four (4) semester hours of physical education activity (KNEA) or Applied Music (AMUS), or a combination of both KNEA and AMUS courses, may be used to satisfy degree requirements.

Non-majors biology courses

These courses may be used as free electives but cannot be used to fulfill specific electives of the Biology major.

  • BIOL 300: Conservation of Natural Resources, 3 credit hours
  • BIOL 301: Genetic Choices-Modern Society, 3 credit hours
  • BIOL 303: Sociobiology, 3 credit hours
  • BIOL 304: Plants and Human Affairs, 3 credit hours
  • BIOL 305: Survey of Marine Biology, 3 credit hours
  • BIOL 312: Introduction to Coastal Ecology, 3 credit hours
  • BIOL 313/314: Animal Science Lab, 4 credit hours