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Transfer Plan

The Ray P. Authement College of Sciences does not impose admissions requirements for transfer students beyond those specified by the University. When a student transfers into the College from another institution, the Office of Admissions determines which credits can be accepted by the University. For a major in Biology, our department, in consultation with the Dean of Sciences as necessary, then evaluates the student's academic record to decide which of these credits are to be used to fulfill program requirements. The student may be asked to provide the department copies of course descriptions from previous institutions. Schedule an appointment  with the Department of Biology office (BLD 108)  to evaluate transfer courses.

A student who transfers into the College from another college at UL Lafayette, who reenters the University after having been out for more than one regular semester, or who changes from one major to another within the College must follow the provisions of the Catalog in effect at the time of the transfer or change of major.