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Departmental Resources

The Biology Department at UL Lafayette has a number of facilities that advance our ability to do science and to support our educational goals for both undergraduate and graduate students. The department has a herbarium that houses over 124,000 specimens for the plant species found in Louisiana. The biology department has an extensive collection of decapod crustaceans containing approximately 17,000 lots (jars) covering marine crabs, shrimps, lobsters and their relatives. We also have a fish collection of about 1,124 lots representing 214 species and 86 families.

The department also has three vehicles that are dedicated to our research and educational actives. These vehicles afford our student the opportunity to visit field sites and participate in basic biological research including including bird banding research, mammalian behavior research, studying the herpetofauna in the Gulf cost and exploring Louisiana's coastal and wetland unique plant communities. The vehicles are also used by our research faculty to support their research activities.