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UL Lafayette is affiliated with LUMCON, a statewide organization involved in a variety of marine research and educational programs. Louisiana's coastal and offshore waters, coastal habitats, and valuable living resources form the focus of LUMCON's research emphases.

Current research programs integrate the following research themes: environmental processes of coastal change, biological productivity, production and development of Louisiana's fisheries, environmental effects of energy-related industries, and interactions of the Mississippi River with the Gulf of Mexico. The LUMCON Marine Center, a well-equipped research and teaching laboratory located in Cocodrie, serves as the primary base for consortium programs.

The Marine Center provides a coastal laboratory capable of supporting modern experimental research and field work on living marine organisms and coastal ecosystems. Two specially designed research vessels, one for the continental shelf and open Gulf of Mexico waters and one for coastal waters, are operated out of the Marine Center. Additional laboratories, with teaching and dormitory facilities, are located on Vermilion Bay south of Lafayette and at Port Fourchon near Grand Isle. Smaller boats for research and teaching are available at all coastal facilities. Senior scientists at LUMCON hold adjunct appointments to the UL Lafayette Biology Department.