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Microscopy Center

Microscopy CenterThe UL Lafayette Electron Microscopy Center is a research facility available to faculty and graduate students. Centrally located in Billeaud Hall, the multidisciplinary laboratory consists of a twelve room suite containing a full complement of equipment for transmission and scanning electron microscopy. Complete darkroom facilities for developing and printing are also maintained by the EM Center. The full-time staff maintains and updates the instruments, provides training to users, and offers technical assistance to researchers.

The Hitachi H-600 with STEM capabilities, and H-7000 transmission electron microscopes (TEM) are capable of resolving objects as small as 6 angstroms at a magnification of 300,000X. The EM Center houses Sorvall MT-5000, MT-6000, and MT-2B ultramicrotomes to prepare thin sections of biological material. Ancillary equipment includes glass knife makers and grid-staining units.
The JOEL 6300-FV field emission scanning electron microscope provides high resolution images of surface features of cells. Ancillary apparatus necessary for preparation of materials for SEM is available including a critical point dryer, sputter-coaters, rapid-freeze unit, and a vacuum evaporator with freeze-drying module. The MRC-600 Biorad (Nikon) confocal microscope complements the capabilities of the UL Lafayette EM center by providing state-of-the-art technology for cellular biology at the light microscopic level. The latest addition in the Center is a Digital Atomic Force Microscope suitable for scanning and tapping mode. This instrument is ideal for surface analyses and studies of mechano-elastic properties.